On walk show

On walk show In comparison with the last month can find not any more, and it is more than objects which are on one, constant place.

When ask the kid Where mother?

, Where father?

, it transfers a view from one parent of another.

Continue to talk to the child actively.

On walk show it a cat, a dog, cars, correctly call them and tell who as speaks and rustles.

For example, as the doggie av av as the cat meow meow as the duck krya krya as the car goes trr r grunts mews looks and barks, the engine hoots uu at etc.

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All children

All children If former immunity is still strong, there is only a small heatspot without gnoynichka which passes in some days.

If on skin it was not observed any reaction, the vaccine means did not get under skin and the inoculation should be repeated.

Poliomyelitis vaccine children's paralysis.

Now this vaccine is available everywhere.

All children have to receive an inoculation against this illness.

It considerably reduces probability of developing of paralysis in case the child gets sick with poliomyelitis.

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Thermometer. The rectal

Thermometer. The rectal There are diseases at which temperature remains raised throughout the day, for example, at pneumonia.

Often at the end of an illness temperature is lower normal °.

The lowered temperature happens at newborns and small children in winter nights.

It should not disturb you if the child feels well.


The rectal thermometer has a round mercury head that at introduction to back pass not to damage it.

It is possible to use also the ordinary thermometer with the extended mercury head if to insert it very accurately because divisions on both types of thermometers are absolutely identical.

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You are right, Linda. I cannot

You are right, Linda. I cannot You cannot change that already happened.

You are right, Linda.

I cannot change that already happened.

But maybe, over time I will be able to help you to change the attitude towards him.

When Linda started revealing, my suspicions were confirmed.

She was a classical example of chronically sick child, parents found a lot of time for satisfaction of her physical requirements that forgot about the emotional.

Jeff can do it, Jeff can do that!

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If the child

If the child But actually in it there is no need if such need was, the nature would take care of it.

Powder helps if the child has a sensitive skin which is easily irritated.

Strew a little powder on a hand, and then apply with a thin layer it on the child's skin, easily stroking his little body.

It is possible to use any children's powder or even simple talc.

If the child has a dry skin, it is better to use oil.

Navel Healing of a navel.

Developing in a uterus, the child eats through blood vessels of an umbilical cord.

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Forgetfulness Played a role and passive and aggressive behavior which complicated a situation.

Forgetfulness of Dzhoya concerning homeworks is a classical sign of anger which often arises in the child at the age of nineten years.

It is one more example of the passive aggression arising at the subconscious level.

Essential change in Debbie's behavior signaled about a teenage depression.

But in a case with it angry component of a depression went beyond any framework and it was so destructive.

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The old saying

The old saying Dividing already last experience, we simply add the actual information, but we do not give to the child the chance most to learn this spiritual truth through own spiritual experience.

The old saying Experience the best teacher is true.

Sincerely share your spiritual experiences with the child.

Rather he will learn to trust God, the it will become stronger.

The child needs to learn to believe that God will help to cope with all personal and family difficulties, including financial.

He needs to know for what his parents pray.

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